adultred1a.jpg (41362 bytes)

2 years old adult Super Red raise in mud pond for progressive growth.

adultred2a.jpg (34358 bytes)

Same fish as left with 1/3 red color development on the body due to sunlight. 

adultred9a.jpg (126988 bytes)

22" adult Super Red with Red color development on gill cover and scales. 

adultred11a.jpg (34138 bytes)

Same fish as left.

adultred8a.jpg (54653 bytes)

A nice 15" Super Red.

crossbacka.jpg (103726 bytes)

A Cross Back Golden with nice overall scales and color.

redtailga.jpg (46285 bytes)

A regular 18" Red Tail Golden. 

superred5a.jpg (38904 bytes)

The dream blue-shine of a truly good Chili Red. 

superred6a.jpg (40594 bytes)

A close up of the same fish as left.

superred11a.jpg (45399 bytes)

Our Asian Arowana are selected based on the most stringent criteria.  Notice the barbels are straight and up-pointing.

superred14a.jpg (56282 bytes)

The Photo show Super Reds with darker and light tops body. 

superreds3.jpg (26348 bytes)

All our Super Reds have such un-compromising red lips which is a pre-requisite of a true Super Reds. 

superredge.jpg (119557 bytes)

Straight and strong barbels at equal length.

superredg2.jpg (180508 bytes)

Chili Red at 12 inches. It is overwhelmed with strong color even at such small size. A nice high body which slopes perfectly towards the head.

superredg3.jpg (50875 bytes)

The early signs of a red-turning arowana. See the "Rusty" color development on the gill cover and scales.

superredg4.jpg (134379 bytes)

Another Blood Red at similar size.

superredg5.jpg (126177 bytes)

Close up of the same fish as left. See the red lips of this fish.

superredg6.jpg (133505 bytes)

Note the dark cored scales without aquarium light.

superredg7.jpg (113484 bytes)

A clear exhibition of a good foundation of a great fish at the gill cover. 

superredg1.jpg (32527 bytes)

Even scales color developments throughout the whole body.

superredg8.jpg (37366 bytes)

An exceptional premium quality juvenile at 6 inches.

superredga.jpg (123401 bytes)

Distinctive scales with blue-shines, green core and an interesting rich metallic color combinations.

superredgb.jpg (47217 bytes)

Strong radiant blue shine and dark red finnages.

superredgc.jpg (55656 bytes)

Our inherent quality Super reds at various sizes.

superredgd.jpg (46383 bytes)

A group of Super Reds with promising radiant metallic sheen.

superredgf.jpg (64635 bytes)

Two Chili Reds (13cm) under anesthesia. All fins are naturally red and lovely, aren't they?

superredgg.jpg (64853 bytes)

Some of the 4-5 inches Chili Reds. See the redness and the prominent dark markings at such small size.

superredgh.jpg (64187 bytes)

Vertical dark markings on the 4 inches (11 cm) young Chili Reds. See the dirty green sheen on their body.

1.5gradered.jpg (54102 bytes)

4.5" 1.5 grade Red Arowana. When young it look similar like 1st grade red to hobbyists.

crossbackg1.jpg (180657 bytes)

An ideal thin frame Blue Based Cross Back Golden. Note the neatly arranged and well-spaced scales.

crossbackg2.jpg (52091 bytes)

One-footer Blue-Based Cross Back. Such quality fish are highly demand by Japanese in various sizes. 

crossbackg3.jpg (76369 bytes)

A well proportionate and thick body when viewed from the top. Scales are clearly distinctive.

crossbackee.jpg (62827 bytes)

An 11 inches Blue-based Cross-Back with thin frame scales. Colors are starting to cross over near the tail.

crossbackg4.jpg (79875 bytes)

Two 11 inches quality Blue-based Cross-Back of different golden tones. 

Crossbackg5.jpg (78900 bytes)

Same fish as left, two quality dark blue-based Cross-Back but not well presented in this picture.

Crossbackg7.jpg (57568 bytes)

A 20 cm premium quality Blue Base Cross Back Golden.

Crossbackg8.jpg (78561 bytes)

Same fish as left, note the dark blue scales of this quality Cross-Back.


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