Product code: 238M

Ramirez's Dwarf Cichlid

Quantity: 6 bags /box, 75pcs /bag

Size:  SM, M

Weight: approx. 10 kg/box


Price: Please Call or Email


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  1. Price: All prices are quoted in US Dollar not including freight charges. For seasonal fishes, owning to their frequent fluctuation in price, their value may change. Prices for other kinds of fishes not quoted here will be furnished upon request.

  2. Payment: Payment is made by telegraphic transfer to our bank account before consignment.

  3. Guarantee: Any incidental death will have our guaranteed replacement on the subsequent shipment.

  4. Quality: All fishes exported are carefully selected, quarantined in stocking tanks. This is to ensure that only healthy specimens are used for consignment and to minimize any eventual morality rate. 

  5. Quantity: Quantity per box can be increased or decreased in accordance to your instruction or depending on the size of the fish.

  6. Substitution: All efforts will be made to supply your requirements strictly to your order. However, as some of the species are seasonal, substitutions will be made if your order is flexible and alternatives stipulated.

  7. Delivery: 3 days for shipment is possible upon receipt of order unless you require a certain date of arrival at your end.





001M Angel Silver M 200
001ML Angel Silver ML 80
002M Angel Silver VT M 160
002ML Angel Silver VT ML 60
003M Angel Marble M 200
003ML Angel Marble ML 80
004M Angel Marble VT M 160
004ML Angel Marble VT ML 60
005M Angel Black M 200
005ML Angel Black ML 80
006M Angel Black VT M 160
006ML Angel Black VT ML 60
007M Angel Golden M 200
007ML Angel Golden ML 80
008M Angel Golden VT M 160
008ML Angel Golden VT ML 60
009M Angel Lace M 200
009ML Angel Lace ML 80
010M Angel Lace VT M 160
010ML Angel Lace VT ML 60
011M Angel Zebra Lace M 200
011ML Angel Zebra Lace ML 80
012M Angel Zebra Lace VT M 160
012ML Angel Zebra Lace VT ML 60
013M Angel Leopard M 200
013ML Angel Leopard ML 80
014M Angel Leopard VT M 160
014ML Angel Leopard VT ML 60
015M Angel Ghost M 200
015ML Angel Ghost ML 80
016M Angel Ghost VT M 160
016ML Angel Ghost VT ML 60
017M Angel Golden Red Face M 200
017ML Angel Golden Red Face ML 80
018M Angel Golden Red Face VT M 160
018ML Angel Golden Red Face VT ML 60
019M Angel Half Black M 200
019ML Angel Half Black ML 80
020M Angel Half Black VT M 160
020ML Angel Half Black VT ML 60
021M Angel Golden Marble M 200
021ML Angel Golden Marble ML 80
022M Angel Golden Marble VT M 160
022ML Angel Golden Marble VT ML 60
023M Angel Assorted M 200
023ML Angel Assorted ML 80
024M Angel Assorted VT M 160
024ML Angel Assorted VT ML 60
025M Angel Golden Diamond M 200
025ML Angel Golden Diamond ML 80
026M Angel Golden Marble Ghost M 160
026ML Angel Golden Marble Ghost ML 60
027M Angel Golden Marble Ghost VT M 160
027ML Angel Golden Marble Ghost VT ML 60
028ML Archer Fish ML 100
028L Archer Fish L 40
029M Barb Black Tiger M 280
029ML Barb Black Tiger ML 200
030M Barb Albino M 280
030ML Barb Albino ML 200
031S Barb Green Tiger S 480
031M Barb Green Tiger M 280
032S Barb Black Ghost Tiger S 480
032M Barb Black Ghost Tiger M 280
032L Barb Black Ghost Tiger L 180
033M Barb Long Fin M 300
033ML Barb Long Fin ML 200
033L Barb Long Fin L 120
034S Barb Albino Long Fin S 600
034SM Barb Albino Long Fin SM 400
034M Barb Albino Long Fin M 300
034ML Barb Albino Long Fin ML 200
034L Barb Albino Long Fin L 100
035S Barb Black Ruby S 480
035M Barb Black Ruby M 280
035L Barb Black Ruby L 180
035XL Barb Black Ruby XL 120
036S Barb Cherry S 800
036M Barb Cherry M 600
036L Barb Cherry L 480
036XL Barb Cherry XL 400
037S Barb Golden Tiger S 600
037M Barb Golden Tiger M 240
037L Barb Golden Tiger L 160
038S Barb T S 360
038M Barb T M 240
038L Barb T L 160
039S Barb Clown S 260
039M Barb Clown M 240
039ML Barb Clown ML 160
039M Barb Clown L 80
040S Barb Striped S 600
040M Barb Striped M 400
040ML Barb Striped ML 200
040L Barb Striped L 120
041S Barb Six Banded S 800
041M Barb Six Banded M 600
041L Barb Six Banded L 360
042S Barb Red Eye S 500
042M Barb Red Eye M 300
042ML Barb Red Eye ML 200
042L Barb Red Eye L 100
043M Barb Checkered M 800
043ML Barb Checkered ML 600
044S Barb Black Spot S 600
044M Barb Black Spot M 320
044ML Barb Black Spot ML 200
044L Barb Black Spot L 120
045SM Barb Tin Foil SM 240
045M Barb Tin Foil M 200
045ML Barb Tin Foil ML 80
045L Barb Tin Foil L 60
045XL Barb Tin Foil XL 24
046M Barb Rosy M 500
046ML Barb Rosy ML 280
047ML Barb Rosy VT ML 280
047L Barb Rosy VT L 200
048M Barb Rosy Neon M 240
048ML Barb Rosy Neon ML 200
049M Barb Rosy Neon VT M 240
049ML Barb Rosy Neon VT ML 200
050M Barb Rosy Silver M 400
050ML Barb Rosy Silver ML 200
051ML Siamese Fighting VT ML 240
051L Siamese Fighting VT L 240
052M Betta Female M 600
052L Betta Female L 500
053S Bumble Bee Fish S 800
053M Bumble Bee Fish M 600
053L Bumble Bee Fish L 400
054S Colisa Lalia Red/Paired S 320
054M Colisa Lalia Red/Paired M 280
054L Colisa Lalia Red/Paired L 240
055M Colisa Lalia Blood Red/Paired M 280
055L Colisa Lalia Blood Red/Paired L 240
056M Colisa Lalia Neon Green/Paired M 280
056L Colisa Lalia Neon Green/Paired L 240
057M Colisa Lalia Blue/Paired M 280
057L Colisa Lalia Blue/Paired L 240
058M Colisa Lalia Rainbow/Paired M 280
058L Colisa Lalia Rainbow/Paired L 240
059S Corydoras Aeneus Albino S 500
059M Corydoras Aeneus Albino M 400
059L Corydoras Aeneus Albino L 240
060S Corydoras Peppered S 500
060M Corydoras Peppered M 400
060L Corydoras Peppered L 240
061S Corydoras Bronze S 500
061M Corydoras Bronze M 400
061L Corydoras Bronze L 240
062S Corydoras Assorted S 500
062M Corydoras Assorted M 400
062L Corydoras Assorted L 240
063M Plecostomus Sucker M 240
063ML Plecostomus Sucker ML 120
064S Pseudotropheus Auropa S 400
064M Pseudotropheus Auropa M 200
064L Pseudotropheus Auropa L 40
065S Pseudotropheus Zebra S 400
065M Pseudotropheus Zebra M 200
065L Pseudotropheus Zebra L 40
066S Haplochromis Moorrii S 400
066M Haplochromis Moorrii M 200
066L Haplochromis Moorrii L 40
067S Danio Zebra S 1600
067M Danio Zebra M 1200
067L Danio Zebra L 1000
068M Danio Zebra VT M 800
068L Danio Zebra VT L 600
069M Danio Leopard M 1000
069ML Danio Leopard ML 800
069L Danio Leopard L 600
070M Danio Geant M 240
070L Danio Geant L 160
071M Danio Pearl M 1000
071L Danio Pearl L 800
072M Black Body M 700
072L Black Body L 500
072XL Black Body XL 360
073M Blue Tail M 700
073L Blue Tail L 500
073XL Blue Tail XL 360
074M Red Tail Black Body M 700
074L Red Tail Black Body L 500
074XL Red Tail Black Body XL 360
075M Red Varigated M 600
075L Red Varigated L 500
075XL Red Varigated XL 360
076M Blue Varigated M 700
076L Blue Varigated L 600
076XL Blue Varigated XL 500
077M Green Varigated M 700
077L Green Varigated L 500
077XL Green Varigated XL 360
078M Golden King Cobra M 700
078L Golden King Cobra L 600
078XL Golden King Cobra XL 360
079M Red King Cobra M 700
079L Red King Cobra L 500
079XL Red King Cobra XL 360
080M Green King Cobra M 700
080L Green King Cobra L 500
080XL Green King Cobra XL 360
081M  Blue King Cobra M 600
081L Blue King Cobra L 500
081XL Blue King Cobra XL 360
082M Green Spotted M 700
082L Green Spotted L 500
082XL Green Spotted XL 360
083M Blonde Red M 700
083L Blonde Red L 500
083XL Blonde Red XL 360
084M Blonde Blue M 700
084L Blonde Blue L 500
084XL Blonde Blue XL 360
085M Blonde Golden M 700
085L Blonde Golden L 500
085XL Blonde Golden XL 360
086M Blonde Multicolour M 700
086L Blonde Multicolour L 500
086XL Blonde Multicolour XL 500
087M Neon Blue M 700
087L Neon Blue L 500
087XL Neon Blue XL 360
088M Leopard Tail M 700
088L Leopard Tail L 500
088XL Leopard Tail XL 360
089M Green Neon Double Swordtail M 700
089L Green Neon Double Swordtail L 600
089XL Green Neon Double Swordtail XL 500
090M Yellow Tail Black Body M 700
090L Yellow Tail Black Body L 600
090XL Yellow Tail Black Body XL 360
091M Tuxedo Dragon Head M 700
091L Tuxedo Dragon Head L 600
091XL Tuxedo Dragon Head XL 360
092M Assorted M 600
092L Assorted L 500
092XL Assorted XL 360
093M Blue Glass Diamond Guppy M 600
093L Blue Glass Diamond Guppy L 500
093XL Blue Glass Diamond Guppy XL 360
094M Black Body White Tail M 600
094L Black Body White Tail L 500
094XL Black Body White Tail XL 360
095S Gourami Peral S 400
095M Gourami Peral M 200
095ML Gourami Peral ML 120
096SM Gourami Chocolate SM 320
096L Gourami Chocolate L 200
096S Gourami Chocolate S 400
097S Gourami Golden S 400
097M Gourami Golden M 200
097ML Gourami Golden ML 160
098S Gourami Silver S 400
098M Gourami Silver M 200
098ML Gourami Silver ML 160
099S Gourami Blue S 400
099M Gourami Blue M 200
099ML Gourami Blue ML 160
100S Gourami Three Spot S 400
100M Gourami Three Spot M 200
100L Gourami Three Spot L 80
101SM Gourami Kissing Pink SM 320
101M Gourami Kissing Pink M 200
101ML Gourami Kissing Pink ML 100
102M Gourami Kissing Green M 200
102ML Gourami Kissing Green ML 100
102L Gourami Kissing Green L 48
103SM Mono Argent SM 200
103M Mono Argent M 160
103L Mono Argent L 70
104SM Molly Black SM 360
104M Molly Black M 280
104ML Molly Black ML 240
104L Molly Black L 200
105M  Molly Marble Orange Tail M 280
105ML Molly Marble Orange Tail ML 240
106M Molly Black Lyretail M 280
106ML Molly Black Lyretail ML 240
107M Molly Green Hi Fin/paired M 200
107L Molly Green Hi Fin/paired L 120
108M Molly Black Hi Fin/paired M 200
108L Molly Black Hi Fin/paired L 120
109M Molly Golden Hi Fin/paired M 160
109L Molly Golden Hi Fin/paired L 120
110M Molly Silver Hi Fin/paired M 160
110L Molly Silver Hi Fin/paired L 120
111M Molly Marble Hi Fin/paired M 160
111L Molly Marble Hi Fin/paried L 120
112S Platy Assorted (1) S 800
112M Platy Assorted (1) M 600
113S Platy Assorted (2) S 800
113M Platy Assorted (2) M 600
114S Rasbora Red Scissor Tail S 400
114M Rasbora Red Scissor Tail M 200
114L Rasbora Red Scissor Tail L 120
115S Rasbora Harlequin S 1200
115M Rasbora Harlequin M 1000
115ML Rasbora Harlequin ML 600
115L Rasbora Harlequin L 400
115XL Rasbora Harlequin XL 320
116M Rasbora Black Scissor Tail M 400
116ML Rasbora Black Scissor Tail ML 320
116L Rasbora Black Scissor Tail L 240
117M Rasbora Clown M 400
117ML Rasbora Clown ML 280
117L Rasbora Clown L 160
118M Rasbora Lignes M 600
118L Rasbora Lignes L 400
119L Rasbora Spotted M 3600
120M Rasbora Striped Black M 1200
120L Rasbora Striped Black L 1000
121S Rasbora Striped Golden S 1000
121M Rasbora Striped Golden M 600
121L Rasbora Striped Golden L 400
122M Rasbora Striped M 1200
122L Rasbora Striped L 1000
123S Rasbora Eye Spot S 2000
123M Rasbora Eye Spot M 1200
123L Rasbora Eye Spot L 800
124S Rasbora Elegant S 800
124M Rasbora Elegant M 600
124L Rasbora Elegant L 200
125S Rasbora Brilliant S 800
125M Rasbora Brilliant M 600
125L Rasbora Brilliant L 280
126SM Swordtail Red SM 480
126M Swordtail Red M 400
126L Swordtail Red L 280
127SM Swordtail Red Tuxedo SM 480
127M Swordtail Red Tuxedo M 400
127L Swordtail Red Tuxedo L 280
128SM Swordtail Red Wag SM 480
128M Swordtail Red Wag M 400
128L Swordtail Red Wag L 280
129SM Swordtail Green SM 480
129M Swordtail Green M 400
129L Swordtail Green L 280
130SM Swordtail Pineapple SM 480
130M Swordtail Pineapple M 400
130L Swordtail Pineapple L 280
131SM Swordtail Calico SM 480
131M Swordtail Calico M 400
131L Swordtail Calico L 260
132SM Swordtail Golden SM 480
132M Swordtail Golden M 400
132L Swordtail Golden L 280
133SM Swordtail Black SM 480
133M Swordtail Black M 400
133L Swordtail Black L 280
134SM Swordtail Lemon SM 480
134M Swordtail Lemon M 400
134L Swordtail Lemon L 280
135SM Swordtail Assorted SM 480
135M Swordtail Assorted M 400
135L Swordtail Assorted L 280
135SM Swordtail Red Lyretail SM 480
135M Swordtail Red Lyretail M 400
135L Swordtail Red Lyretail L 200
137SM Swordtail Red Hi Fin SM 400
137M Swordtail Red Hi Fin M 320
137L Swordtail Red Hi Fin L 240
138SM Swordtail Red Tuxedo Hi Fin SM 400
138M Swordtail Red Tuxedo Hi Fin M 320
138L Swordtail Red Tuxedo Hi Fin L 240
139SM Swordtail Red Wagtail Hi Fin SM 400
139M Swordtail Red Wagtail Hi Fin M 240
139L Swordtail Red Wagtail Hi Fin L 120
140SM Swordtail Black Hi Fin SM 400
140M Swordtail Black Hi Fin M 320
140L Swordtail Black Hi Fin L 240
141SM  Swordtail Pineapple Hi Fin SM 400
141M Swordtail Pineapple Hi Fin M 320
141L Swordtail Pineapple Hi Fin L 240
142SM Swordtail Golden Hi Fin SM 400
142M Swordtail Golden Hi Fin M 320
142L Swordtail Golden Hi Fin L 240
143SM Swordtail Assorted Hi Fin SM 400
143M Swordtail Assorted Hi Fin M 320
143L Swordtail Assorted Hi Fin L 240
144S Shark Rainbow Albino S 280
144M Shark Rainbow Albino M 200
144L Shark Rainbow Albino L 100
145S Black Shark S 220
145M Black Shark M 160
145L Black Shark L 80
146S Shark Silver S 180
146M Shark Silver M 100
146L Shark Silver L 50
147SM  Shark Appolo SM 200
147M Shark Appolo M 160
147L Shark Appolo L 120
148SM Shark Arrow SM 200
148M Shark Arrow M 140
148L Shark Arrow L 120
149SM Shark Pink Tailed SM 300
149M Shark Pink Tailed M 200
149L Shark Pink Tailed L 100
150SM Shark Black Red Tail SM 240
150M Shark Black Red Tail M 200
150L Shark Black Red Tail L 160
151S Shark Rainbow S 300
151M Shark Rainbow M 200
151L Shark Rainbow L 100
152SM Spotted Scat Green SM 200
152M Spotted Scat Green M 160
152L Spotted Scat Green L 100
153SM Spotted Scat Red SM 200
153M Spotted Scat Red M 160
154S Puffer Green S 400
154M Puffer Green M 200
154L Puffer Green L 100
155M Tetra Neon M 1000
155ML Tetra Neon ML 800
156M Tetra Flame M 700
156ML Tetra Flame ML 500
157M Tetra Serpae M 600
157ML Tetra Serpae ML 360
158M Tetra Serpae Golden M 600
158ML Tetra Serpae Golden ML 360
159M Tetra Black Neon M 800
159ML Tetra Black Neon ML 600
160M Tetra Lemon M 800
160ML Tetra Lemon ML 600
161M Tetra Head & Tail Light M 800
161ML Tetra Head & Tail Light ML 500
162M Tetra Glowlight M 2000
162ML Tetra Glowlight ML 1200
163M Tetra Rosy M 600
163ML Tetra Rosy ML 400
164M Tetra Silver Tips M 800
164ML Tetra Silver Tips ML 600
165M Tetra Black M 480
165ML Tetra Black ML 240
166M Tetra Penguin M 700
166ML Tetra Penguin ML 500
167M Tetra Red Eye M 700
167ML Tetra Red Eye ML 400
168M Tetra Congo M 180
168ML Tetra Congo ML 120
169M Tetra Cardinal M 500
169ML Tetra Cardinal ML 400
170M Head Standed M 200
170ML Head Standed ML 100
171M Tetra Pretty M 800
171ML Tetra Pretty ML 600
172M Tetra Black Lined M 700
172ML Tetra Black Lined ML 480
173M White Cloud Mountain M 1600
173ML White Cloud Mountain ML 1000
174M Tetra Blind Cave M 500
174ML Tetra Blind Cave ML 360
175M Tetra Blood Fin M 1000
175ML Tetra Blood Fin ML 700
176M Tetra Silver Dollar M 200
176ML Tetra Silver Dollar ML 120
177M Tetra Zebra Long Fin M 800
177ML Tetra Zebra Long Fin ML 400
178M Tetra Neon M 800
178ML Tetra Neon ML 400
179M Tetra Black Neon M 800
179ML Tetra Black Neon ML 400
180M Tetra Buenos Aired M 800
180ML Tetra Buenos Aired ML 400
181M Tetra Pristell X-ray M 800
181ML Tetra Pristell X-ray ML 560
182M Tetra Pristella Albino M 800
182ML Tetra Pristella Albino ML 560
183M Tetra Pristella Red Belly M 1200
183ML Tetra Pristella Red Belly ML 800
184M Tetra Rummy Nose M 320
184ML Tetra Rummy Nose ML 280
185M Tetra Yellow M 1000
185ML Tetra Yelow ML 800


Note: Other tropical fishes not listed here will be quoted upon request. 





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