Royal Pahang (22k) Gold Arowana Pendant - 11 March 2002 

  Check out our Purple Red® Arowana to Japan - 29 August 2001


Unoaquatic Fish Farm Trading is your one stop source for quality ornamental fish at competitive price. We are Importer, Exporter, Wholesaler and Breeder for wide varieties of ornamental fish in the industry. Our products include Japanese Koi, Asian Arowana, Discus and many other tropical fish.


Apart having modern farm facilities and large holding facilities, our stringent quality control and quarantine expertise always keep us at the competitive edge in the industry. Customers' satisfaction and good reputation is our foremost concern and we always ensure that only high quality fishes are selected for export to our valued clients worldwide. 


In an effort to generate interests, this website highlights some general information about the highly sought endangered species - The Asian Arowana or better known as the Dragon Fish. We hope that you will find these information useful and interesting to read. This website is designed for both hobbyists and aquatic businesses and we are pleased to welcome any feedback from you and your organization.  






We guarantee our fishes including Asian Arowana will arrive alive at its destination after leaving our facility. We make this guarantee because we ship only healthy specimens, experience in packing and use only fast reliable airline and forwarder.




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