Ornamental Fish


We guarantee Live Arrival of all fishes. Please be sure to put away your order as soon as possible and follow our recommended acclimation procedures. On the rare chance that you receive any dead fish (“DOA”), please notify us by telephone immediately. Any mortality will have our replacement on your subsequent shipment with any DOA amounts for livestock. We cannot refund any shipping charges.


We are not responsible for problems if proper fish acclimation procedures are not followed or if there is an excessive delay between delivery of the shipment (your part) and the time it is put into your tank.

Asian Arowana



If the unfortunate occurs and you receive a dead fish, please notify us by telephone immediately after you receive your order so that we can compensate in full for the
dead fish during your next shipment. We cannot accept DOA claims made after that time. Be sure to tell us the dead item, including your order number and send back the dead fish's Transponder (to be pull out of the fish body by yourself). Returns must be postmarked within 24 hours of death and never more than 144 hours after leaving our facility.  



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