28 September 2000

Dear Hobbyists,

This section is intended for us in compiling a comprehensive Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) section relating to all relevant Arowana problems and diseases. If you have any question(s) or suggestion(s) in mind, kindly raise them in our Arowana Message Board for prompt assistance and attendance from us. Alternately, our experience members in the board are very helpful to advise your needs. We hope to compile a list of relevant topics captured from our message board and bring into this corner for easy references. Our intention is to setup a resourceful guide in helping hobbyists encountering problems when raising these exotic magnificent fish. If you are an experience hobbyist, we appreciate your generous contributions of valuable suggestions and tips to help this corner a success. As for those authors submitting one's own article please refer to Article Menu.

Thank you. 

Sincerely Yours,




Note: Updating of this section will be revised and maintained every 2 weeks by webmaster.




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